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In today’s modern world of advanced technology and growing fear, security is of the upmost priority.

The next Terrorism attack is always lurking right around the corner…

Looking to strike at every opportunity or at any unnoticed weakness.

This means you need to be not only fully prepared, but also one step ahead.

Here at Gray Europe, our #1 priority and core expertise is to prevent terrorism before it ever begins…

We specialize in providing expert security solutions, as well as Intelligence and training for governmental organizations and private personal across the globe.

Thanks to our exclusive training methodologies, advanced security technologies, and insider intelligence, we take a powerful proactive stance towards incoming threats in order to keep you and your organization safe and secure.

Our approach to terrorism is one that is always evolving and adapting to help you greatly reduce your risks from all angles and all potential weaknesses.

As new threats emerge and grow, Gray will be here for you every step of the way.

With years of proven success in the security sector, we see the big picture and cover all the vital aspects of security including:

Security Consulting | Training | Security services | intelligence | Security Technologies

Gray always offers the perfect balance of advanced security technologies, effective training, and human intelligence that you can trust and depend on.

The time to be proactive against outward potential threats is now…

Gray Europe is ready to serve and protect you in order to give you the peace of mind you demand and truly deserve.

Security Training

Combat Training for Military & Police Forces, Private security companies, Counter Terror Units, Special forces & VIP Protection Units.

• Armed security

• Profiling

• C&C Operators

• Security managers

• Aviation security

• Tactical Krav Maga

• Close protection

• Cyber 

Security Services

• Premium / Close protection

• AirPort

• Mega Events

• Strategic assets

• Security manager

• K9


• Global investigation

• Business intelligence

• Phone and wire taps

• Personal investigations

Security Technologies

• Homeland security

• Smart city

• Border Security

• Aviation, Maritime & Transportation Security

• SmartCity

• Cyber Security

• Intelligence

• Counter-Terror & Law Enforcement

• CBRN Security & Emergency Management


Home: Project

Security Consulting

• Audit

• Evaluation

• Procedures


• Field file

• Security plan

• Security technologies plan

• Training program

• Drill program

• Control program


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